What Does Self Defense For Women Really Mean?

Would you get a Stun Gun that is red or blue? How about a pink cell phone stun gun. A Taser will have all those colours plus silver. The Lipstick Pepper Spray can come in all those colors. Finally a Personal Alarm that comes in silver, block, pink, inexperienced, pink, blue and white. Perhaps you’d need one that has additional than one color. Stunning would you say?

When retrieving items from the vehicle, check out your surroundings first to ensure that no one has followed you or is watching you. If someone has just suddenly appeared as you are about to do this it would be wise to lock the vehicle and wait before getting out until you are sure of their intent.

As I have said many times over, if you are approached by an attacker make as much noise as you can. But what if you are grabbed from behind and the attacker covers your mouth? Personal Alarms are very inexpensive devices that you carry in a pocket, on your belt, or even in your hand and when you pull a small pin it activates an ear piercing siren sure to scare away even the most determined of criminals. Some personal alarms even have built in strobe lights that will temporarily blind and disorient an attacker. Many of these devices can be easily adapted to act as door and window guards as well.

As you approach your car, look around and under it. Check the inside for anyone also. If anything looks strange and you have an uneasy feeling, walk away and call someone for help.

You can buy a personal alarm that doubles as a door alarm. As a pepper spray it activates when the strap attached to the alarm pin is pulled. You can also hang this device over the knob of any non-metallic door, the device will activate instantly as soon as an intruder touches your door. These dual-alarms make good travel security for hotels, dorm rooms, and extra safety in threatening situations.

Sure — hiking is a lot of fun. However, many people like to go off the main path and go their own way. They don’t realize how easy it is to lose your bearings and get lost!

Often, our ordinary daily routines make us a target for criminal activity. Following these simple rules of personal safety can dramatically decrease the possibility of becoming a crime victim.

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