Top Five New Year Resolutions And How To Keep Them

Yes, you can fill a workshop when spending is down and buyers are wary. If your topic is clear, your marketing materials well-done, your product solid and your title catchy, success shouldn’t be tough. The fact is that people are as hungry as ever for the inspiration and stimulus a workshop provides, even when they’re nervous about money. And even though most bum economies recover over time, you may find the following tricks helpful enough to keep using even in good times!

Read a classic book. Enrich your life through some of the classics that you may have yet to experience such as C.S. Lewis, A.W. Tozer, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, etc… And don’t let reading be your excuse now that so many books are available on audio.

If you’re looking for low-key and inexpensive, Pourtal Wine Bar in Santa Monica is hosting a bottomless champagne new year ‘s Eve, for the grand price of $20.11 in honor of the Bottomless bubbly is from 9pm-12am and no reservations are needed.

It’s also nice to hire yourself a real estate agent. In the summer, you tend to go on a lot of trips and you are probably going to be out of town a lot. When a big buyer rolls around and offers you an offer, but you are in Hawaii, how horrible is that going to be? They may want to see the house right now but you just can’t do it. This is why a real estate agent is so handy. They will do all of that for you.

Who are you quitting for? It seems like a silly question but many people will try to stop smoking for their spouse or their children with no actual interest in quitting for themselves. Until you quit for yourself, you’ll continue to try with little to no success.

Instead of doing long boring walks or runs on the treadmill, try bursting…it’s the best way to burn fat so you see results very quickly. Start out with a warm-up just walking fast then kick up the speed so you are running at all your might for about 30 seconds to a minute (until you are out of breath and can’t go anymore), then drop it back down for 2-3 mins to catch your breath and kick it back up again. Repeat this 3 or 4 times, 3 times per week and you are good to go! Cardio just got a lot easier, more fun and less time consuming.

As I said earlier, the above top ten weight loss tips are essentially the short version of everything you need to know. If you have the motivation, you’re golden. If you don’t and you’re just looking for a magical effortless solution, nothing will ever change.

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