Nintendo 3Ds Is Taking A Deep Price Cut

“In addition, the closed-door demonstration also revealed another twist in the gameplay: portions of the game in which you plant your sword into the ground to enter another world. There, you search for teardrop-shaped crystals for some purpose. The problem?

While the games listed there were more than I expected going into E3, I must admit that I too worry about what Nintendo will (or won’t) do with the console in the coming months before the launch of the Wii U. I remember when Nintendo, much as Sony does now, would support their hardware well after the launch of a new console or handheld.

First up is the promised The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition. The game is free until February 20, 2012, so gamers will have plenty of time to download the game. It features a single player mode as well as up to four players on co-op. The game can be downloaded on the Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DSi XL. Multiplayer requires that each person have their own handheld and copy of the game.

Speaking of videos and 3D, Nintendo has sent an e-mail regarding the 3D trailers for Nintendo 3DS games in the magento eshop. Those will be removed on July 7th, so act now if you want to get them!

Good news, everyone! Nintendo of America has been issued the trademark for The Last Story, which they filed for at the beginning of last year. Could this be what has taken so long, and led to their “no plans” comment?

“SEGA is setting up a pop-up arcade at San Diego Comic-Con” is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds for those of us who lament the gradual death of the arcade scene. That said, if you can go, I recommend checking out Sonic Generations and Shinobi.

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