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Once you get your visa for Australia and youre slowly realizing your plans to immigrate to Australia, you need to prepare for the big move. In the last 60 years, over four million people have become Australian citizens. Moving to the country and imbibing the culture and the values come naturally to most immigrants. But preparing for the move itself can be difficult.

I had an interesting thing happen the other day in JC Penny’s. As I was checking out, a couple walked up and the man asked me if I thought his girlfriends’s hair looked good. Of course I said “yes” to which he said to her “See I told you it looked nice”. I wonder what would have happened if I said no? For one thing, I doubt I’d be healthy enough to write this article.

In 1999 the ACLU joined the fight with the Brooklyn Museum for funding that they had been told would cease if they didn’t remove an artists work which put the Virgin Mary in an unfavorable light. The piece showed her genetalia and even was pictured with Elephant manure. The museum won the lawsuit and continued to receive funding.

Your crown chakra is at the top of your head. It is where the fontanels are in babies and they are open because a baby is very connected to God. As the baby loses it angelic connection, the fontanels closes and the baby becomes more grounded, connected to earth. It is said that 2012 is a process more than a date and that it has to do with our return to God. That means our crown chakra needs to be open to allow the energies of the divine to enter our chakra system. Many of us have closed crown chakras because of all the hard times we are going through: foreclosures, lost jobs, London immigration solicitors fears, and abandonment by because our families are in other countries.

We, the People, pay for these freebies with our hard-earned tax dollars, given to a federal government that appears to be more interested in securing the Latino vote than our southern border. Is this what we want to spend our money on, free services for people who have so little respect for America that their first act “in country” is to break our laws?

The first time Rudy ran for Mayor in 1989 he only lost the race by 47,080 votes, to David Dinkins. The second time he ran he campaigned to help fix crime and taxes. The nation was in recession and local unemployment was raising. Crimes such as homicides and rapes seemed to decline steadily during Dinkins reign. With his strong stance on this front he won the election by 53,367 votes, becoming the first Republican to be elected mayor since 1965. In his third campaign for mayor in 1997 against Democrat Ruth Messinger. He also reminded his voters of how he had helped to clean up the streets due to fair and tough leadership. At the end of the race Rudy won with 59% of the vote.

Oh, and should he eventually feel called by God to move on, beyond Congress, and seek the highest office of the land, I would absolutely back him in his quest.

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