Baby Monitor – Purchasing Guide

If you’ve ever been close to a newborn baby you recognize that they can be very demanding. They need to be fed every couple hours, without caring who’s attempting to sleep. They want held and comforted. They may well run a fever, or be teething, or simply cranky for a few unknown cause. All of those issues might be daunting. Specially since you are the parent and are close to it twenty four hrs a day.

Gift #3 Baby Bathers and Tubs: A baby bather is a soft seat with mesh that keeps a baby safe during bath time. You use the bather inside a regular tub and you can use a wash cloth to clean your baby’s gentle skin. A baby tub is an infant size tub that you place inside a regular tub. The mom fills the small tub with just enough water to use during bath time. This prevents the chance of accidental drowning. Your friend will thank you for getting this. It’s one of those things that many expecting moms aren’t aware of until they start experiencing the challenges of baby bath time.

An audio video Baby Monitor can run between $100-$200 dollars. However, many parents feel that it’s worth the extra money to spend on the security and well-being of their child. This infant optics dxr-8 baby monitor is even created to be wireless, if that’s the model that the parents prefer. In any case, the audio video baby monitor adds another layer of safety and security for the child.

Wow. From a diaper timer, when your baby should be having its next bath to when you’ll need to nurse next – this app is for the complete control freak mom! You also have the ability to add your own timer for something you would like to keep track of. If you’re not looking for the complete all-in-one deal though, take a look at the rest of the apps below.

With the MBP36, you are able to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera in the baby’s room from the parent unit. This feature is not offered on the MBP28.

You can also invest in timers that will light your home at night so it doesn’t appear empty. You can get timers that will open and close drapes or blinds as well.

There are so many Popular Baby Shower Gifts that I could go on and on. Just be creative and I am sure you will give a gift that will be appreciated by all.

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