3 Things You Need To Know For An Amazing Music Promotion Plan

The Internet has leveled the playing field for independent musicians worldwide. No longer do we have to drive vans full of tapes around, trying in vain to give away free copies on the street (what, you guys never did that?). Our fans can now buy and listen to an album from anywhere in the world in seconds, and every aspect of the business from CD replication to promotion has been made easier by the Internet.

You’ve got your demos ready so now what? Well you could start by using free online music promotion websites such as MySpace to host your music and gain a fanbase. The more people that hear your music the better. You could also put up music videos on YouTube or send demos to major record companies.

One step at a time. No matter how strong you think you are, you must realize that you are not Superman. You can’t just do everything in one day. I suggest you come up with monthly themes and work on each theme on a daily basis. The key here is to plan in advance so that you will be able to have enough time to work on what you need to do and avoid squeezing everything into one day. Much better if you plan your monthly themes for the whole year and make some tweaks along the way based on the results of the previous monthly activities.

You can do this with a whole bunch of stuff like YouTube videos, Twitter posts, Facebook messages, music contacts and fan emails. Pretty much anything in your music career, and your life for that matter.

Promo Tip #32 Wear your band! Get a jacket, t-shirts (etc) and add your band name or logo on it. Wear it everywhere and be a walking advertisement. If you have a niche fan base, think of a merchandise item that they need that of course has your name on it!

The ultimate aim of linking all your sites is to provide your listeners with a variety of access points to your music, as well as access to the different ways various sites may deliver your music. Remember to link to your specific page on the site and not just the site itself. Your site linked with a site that play your tracks on Internet radio, linked with a site that sells your downloads, linked with a site that sells your CD’s provides for a powerful combination of exposure.

The example that I will be using may be a stretch to fit for your business, but when you see the creative ideas that we came up with in coaching this business, you will see how these concepts may be worth trying for your business. This is for a brand new business in the Los Angeles area. The business is a new Rock Band. Obviously the competition is high and average returns are generally low. So how can you use these promotional principles to achieve a greater than average level of success?

You should have a mailing list that people can sign up to from your all your online channels. You can periodically send people news and also offers and promotions for merchandise etc. This can help you make money quite early on that you can reinvest back for more and more promotions.

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